Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone                                                                                          9/19/17

My name is SilverRyUnicorn I'm 35 years old I love to write stories and poetry I have several emotional health conditions that I live with and struggle with in my day to day life I have a very kind and loving husband we got married last year he is very supportive of all I do he never judges me he is there for me not matter what I have a very kind and loving family that is very supportive of all I do and that is there for me no matter what same with the few friends that I do have last year I lost my mum which broke my heart I'm still not over her death I'm still trying to deal with her death

One of the emotional heath conditions that I live with is DID Dissociative Identity Disorder it used to be called MPD Multiple Personality Disorder I have had it for may years sometimes my internal beings(alters) come out at the worst times its not easy living with such a conditions my husband is very supportive of it all and helps me any way that he can do so my friends and family is the same way for they know that it's not easy for me to manage all that I live with and stay in total control at all times so when I do lose control or when one of my internal beings(alters) comes out they deal with it the best way that they can do so and don't judge me for what is going on

They always tell me what has happened and when one of my internal beings(alters) has come out this way I know what has happened so that I know for I need to know what has happened while they are out so that I can let my therapist know for I need to let my therapist know what is going on so they can help me with what is going on and if I don't know what is going on then I can't tell my therapist what is going on so they can help me with things when the internal beings(alters) are out and work on making it so they don't come out as offten or so they learn what they can and can't do when they are out

I might post some short stories and poems on here and I'll try to keep my internal beings(alters) from posting on here though I make no promises for I have no control over when they come out or which one comes out for how long though I do hope they don't come out though I don't know if they can put anything on this site or not

Well that's all I have to say for now

Have a nice day/night


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Comments (8)

  1. jaageet

    I would like to get acquainted with your internal beings. Would you let them come out to be my friends?

    May 20, 2017
    1. silverryunicorn

      Not all of them are nice some of them are very mean are you sure you want to get acquainted with them jaagett?

      May 20, 2017
      1. jaageet

        You have no idea how much I want to get acquainted with your meanest internal being. Seriously. I can handle it.

        May 20, 2017
        1. silverryunicorn

          Ok you can get acquainted with them just remember some of them are mean and some of them are children

          May 21, 2017
          1. jaageet

            Ok. Bring them out. They will have a party with my internal beings.

            May 21, 2017
          2. jaageet

            Leonardo, one of your internal beings, sent me a private message that I opened just now. Leonardo says he is 16 years old and your main protector. I don’t think Leonardo is an internal being anymore than James Bond is Daniel Craig’s internal being. Leonardo is an imagined character. Actors take on characters invented by writers and inhabit them in accordance with the screenplay to play roles in ways directors want for the movies. There are people who write their own stories for movie production, play the characters they imagine by inhabiting them as actors. Woody Allen is a well-known celebrity who does that. Another is Ben Affleck. Yet another is Orson Welles. So, don’t think you are crazy. You don’t need a therapist. What you need is the ambition to use your creativeness in inventing internal beings and inhabit them for making movies. You will be famous and make a ton of money in the process. Best of luck, my friend.

            May 22, 2017
            1. thegoldengriffon

              jaageet what makes you think that this Leonardo is not a true internal being do you have a degree of some kind making it so that you can tell if someone has an emotional health condition or not how can you tell from one message if Leonardo is an internal being or not even if you do have such a degree you can’t tell just by one private message if it is a true internal being or not can you so just don’t act like you can tell just by that if it is a true internal being or not for you can’t tell just by a typed message

              June 10, 2017
  2. This comment has been deleted
  3. jaageet

    Hi griffon. I don’t think emotional health is what it is cracked up to be. The fact is, everybody is crazy. Most of us are not disturbed by our madness but the few who cannot deal with it see themselves as sufferers of mental illness. Internal beings are imaginary characters that we invent for a purpose. Leonardo is invented to play a role. In the movie “Psycho”, Norma Bates invented his mother to carry out his fantasies. Donald Trump has also invented the imaginary character of the US President to carry out his own fantasy to make America great again. He can deal with his madness because he is more confident than the folks who oppose him in that role. So, it all boils down to having self-confidence which makes one’s internal being either a manifestation of sanity or a sign of mental illness. And it doesn’t require a doctorate degree in clinical psychology to determine this fact.

    June 11, 2017